Mom-on-Mom Hate: Are We Raising Mean Girls?

So let’s talk about Mom-on-Mom hate.  Why is it that every mom thinks the only way to parent is theirs?  Think about all the hot button issues in motherhood that divide us–Breastfeeding/Formula Feeding, Stay-at-Home/Working Mom, Vaccinate/Not Vaccinate…and the list goes on and on.  Most moms stand firmly on one side or the other and feel attacked by moms who don’t see it their way–sometimes unnecessarily.  Unfortunately, our insecurities force us to pick sides, go on the defensive and even get nasty.   Here’s the bigger problem: This behavior is spilling over into our children’s relationships. Continue reading

Mom Guilt is Effecting How We Raise our Children–And Perhaps NOT for the Better

So let’s talk about Mom Guilt. Supposedly, this is a terrible bout of self-doubt and guilt that only effects Working Moms. WRONG. As a SAHM (Stay-at-Home-Mom) I can attest to the fact that I, too, am a victim of Mom Guilt—as are many of my SAHM and WM (Working Mom) friends alike, and it’s an epidemic that’s changing our society.

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Tot School: Construction

So last week’s sensory bin with the colored pasta went well–aside from the fact that I had shards of crunched up dry pasta all over my house–for the entire week.  LOL.  Baby T was really interested in touching and moving the pasta, so I figured we’d try another  bin with fun things to scoop, stir and feel: beans.  The fact that the sensory bin was the big take-away last week drove this week’s theme. We bought a couple of tiny little dump trucks and some type of “bulldozer” toy last week at Savers so this seemed like a great start!  Plus, we had a book or two about construction/trucks laying around.  So there you have it.  The complex way that I came up with this Tot School theme. Continue reading

Rave: Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory

This was taken with an iPhone, clearly they weren't shy!

This was taken with an iPhone, clearly they weren’t shy!

If Mom and Dad are making the trip with Baby to the Yankee Candle Flagship Store in South Deerfield, MA…YOU MUST STOP AT MAGIC WINGS!  It’s literally two miles further down the road!

(Yankee is also great for older kids–Santa is there EVERY DAY–there are candle dipping/making activities, an animatronic band in the food court (which creeped me out but amused Baby T))

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Meatloaf Muffins


In full disclosure, I got my inspiration for this recipe from a user added Weight Watchers recipe–I saw it once–printed it–used it–loved it.  Tried to find it again–no luck.  I’ve seen multiple variations of these meatloaf cupcakes most of which use a bag of instant potatoes and stuffing mix.  I’ve been trying to eat more REAL food and less processed junk–so it does effect the points value but that’s okay.  The benefits of real food make it worth it.  Made this variation of the recipe last night!  It was pretty delish!

I love this because it’s fast (15-20 minutes), easy and Baby T LOVES it! Continue reading

I ROCKED at Being the “New Kid”

Well a big shout out to the blog followers!  In admitting I needed to work harder at being the “New Kid”–I devised a plan and actually DID IT.  So thank you!

My morning started off a little rough, I drove all the way to the Moms’ Group meeting place just to discover NO ONE WAS THERE.  Now, last week someone had mentioned an email going out changing our meeting place to a local park because the weather was amazing–I didn’t receive it–it didn’t matter because Baby T wasn’t feeling good so no harm, no foul. Realizing I never received said email I checked to make sure the group leader had my correct email–she did.  So feeling vulnerable (since being the “new kid” is already hard enough) I went a little overboard when I realized I had not received an email, so OBVIOUSLY they were excluding me (what can I say–I’m a bit of a drama queen).  I marched out of the meeting space, stomped back to my car and gave myself a few minutes to fume.  If you’re a mom you know what a pain it is to wrangle a child into their car seat and out again, only to realize you have to do it again only five minutes later–compound that with feeling left out and I was pissed.

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In the Playroom: Our Kids are Consumers of “Real Life”

So let’s talk about Canadian Photographer, Jonathan Hobin and his series of photographs “In the Playroom”.  For the back story first check out the video from Yahoo. Then, if you dare to peek at the images scroll to the bottom of the page after the article to view the slideshow or check them out here on Design Boom.  Long story short: children are posing “playing” re-enactments of current (over the last 50 years) tragic events.

Upon first look, I am disturbed.  That’s it.  That’s all I feel. Disturbed. Which is scary and makes me think I have been desensitized–then I remember the real fear I had when Suspect #2 in the Boston Bombings was on the loose–and I feel better(?).

The video shows the photo of the 9-11 re-enactment and I think “wow that’s messed up”.  Then, it glosses over the Kim Jong Il photo and I think “that’s pretty tame” (meh).   Finally, I take a close look at the entire gallery of photos (at the bottom of the page) and am flooded by a whole slew of emotions.  The first thing that comes to mind is “this is sick–really sick”.  The second thing that comes to mind is “this is real life”. Continue reading