What Do You Mean You Didn’t Lose Weight BreastFeeding?

Seriously? Of course, I should have TOTALLY assumed that my struggle with weight would continue during breastfeeding despite being told over and over again that the weight just FALLS RIGHT OFF.  (Note: I did lose about half of the baby weight in the first month just by stuffing my face and nursing Baby T. However, I still had about 25 lbs to go before I reached anywhere close to pre-pregnancy weight.

Backstory: My husband and I joined Weight Watchers in January 2011—I lost about 25 lbs in a few short months and just as I was getting impressed with my weight loss—KABLAMO—SURPRISE—I’m pregnant.  Now—I do credit WW for assisting in this unexpected surprise because I’m not sure how easy it would have been to get pregnant before dropping 25 lbs.  And without it I don’t even want to think about how much I would have ended up weighing at 39 weeks pregnant.  After the initial OMG, WTF shock wore off we were thrilled—scared out of our minds but thrilled.  But what the hell life–Seriously?  I start losing weight and buying smaller clothes and all of a sudden I am looking at spandex over-the-belly maternity pants. God does have a crooked sense of humor doesn’t he?

By the end of my pregnancy, I had gained about 50 lbs.

36 weeks pregnant.  By the end of my pregnancy, I had gained about 50 lbs.

Now back to the weight loss.  I had a lot of other breastfeeding moms comment on how they lost a ton of weight by doing nothing and I mean “laying-around-on-the-couch-in-my-yoga-pants-that-have-never-been-to-yoga” nothing.  I felt kind of ridiculous that I had to defend the fact that the weight just didn’t come off when people questioned why I NEEDED to re-join Weight Watchers because breastfeeding should have done the trick.

Let’s put it this way.  Feeding another human being sucked the life out of me.  Literally.  I was starving ALL the TIME.  I would try and eat healthy foods—but the quantity I had to consume to feel full was just astounding.  I had never felt so out of control because no matter what I did I was still hungry.  It was terrible.  (I’ve read elsewhere that this happens to some women because the hormones are all over the board—sort of the same idea as how some women lose weight while on the pill while others gain it.)

Aside from being hungry all the time, smelling like a teenage boy who had yet to introduce himself to a stick of deodorant (thanks, hormones)… the worst of all was the comments about my weight loss.  Don’t get me wrong—no one ever said “Hey, Fatty” or “When’s the baby due?” but if I mentioned I was trying to lose weight with little success to a friend—many of them would remark that they heard that the weight just fell off when people breastfed their babies—and it came off snarky—even if they didn’t mean it to be.  It was an uphill battle trying to convince them otherwise so eventually I just stopped talking about it.  Even with the help of Weight Watchers I was only able to lose and maintain about 10 lbs while I was breastfeeding.

A friend of mine kicked her workout and eating into gear and began to drop weight fast.  I am talking 50 lbs in about 6 months.  Incredible, right?  Wrong. I was thinking about my friend like she was my arch nemesis rather than just being happy for her.  Then, it hit me.  Why was I so jealous?

I started thinking to myself, why can’t other women support each other in their weight loss?  Why does it always have to be a competition?  I had to change my thinking.  This didn’t come easy for her.  She worked hard for that weight loss.  She didn’t steal anything from me.  I snapped out of it and decided it was time to own my own weight loss.  I had recently stopped nursing and was finally feeling like I was getting my hormones and body back.  I decided to look to her for inspiration.  I know what works—I know how to lose weight (don’t we all when we are honest with ourselves)—I turned back to Weight Watchers and said this is it—IT’S ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!

Four months later, I am 25 lbs lighter than my post-baby sign up weight (received my 25 lb charm today)—and only a few pounds away from my WW pre-pregnancy weight.  Hooray!  I started moving more and eating better and less.  Little changes every day. Each day is still a battle over food choices and forcing myself to “work out”—but each day goes by and it gets a little easier.  I am not perfect and there is TONS of room for improvement and I am still quite a ways from my goal weight.  This is just an entry to catch you up on where I’m coming from—and where I am going.  Hopefully, parts of this blog will include how I am going to get there and maybe inspire you to get there too.

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25 lbs lighter

25 lbs lighter as of last weekend!

My 10% key chain with 25 lbs lost charm!
My 10% key chain with 25 lbs lost charm!


9 thoughts on “What Do You Mean You Didn’t Lose Weight BreastFeeding?

  1. Well I think you’re doing a wonderful job. And any moron knows that different bodies react in different ways, so anyone who is a jerk about you not losing weight by breast feeding you can tell them where to stick it! You’re amazing!

  2. I am so glad I found this post…I am breastfeeding and at weightwatchers. I’ve lost like 17lbs since January but have been just going up and down for the last 3 -4 weeks despite doing loads of exercise…its so tough cos I am always hungry.

    • Hope it helped you feel like you weren’t alone! Keep working at it–you’ll get there (I know, easier said than done–right?) You rock, mama!

      • And 17 lbs is no small feat in 5 months…that’s awesome! Congrats on Baby Rose! I will definitely be following your blog!

  3. I was the same when when I was nursing – STARVING all the time! My youngest will be 1 in two weeks and is starting to self-wean. I’ve started using My Fitness Pal 3 weeks ago and have lost 5 pounds. It’s so hard to get it off, but I’ve kept 5 pounds from each of my 4 kids. I’d like to get back to my “original” pre-pregnancy weight – baby steps, though, right?! Congrats to you 🙂

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