Rave: Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory

This was taken with an iPhone, clearly they weren't shy!

This was taken with an iPhone, clearly they weren’t shy!

If Mom and Dad are making the trip with Baby to the Yankee Candle Flagship Store in South Deerfield, MA…YOU MUST STOP AT MAGIC WINGS!  It’s literally two miles further down the road!

(Yankee is also great for older kids–Santa is there EVERY DAY–there are candle dipping/making activities, an animatronic band in the food court (which creeped me out but amused Baby T))

It is a MUST SEE!  Seriously, it is no typical zoo butterfly enclosure.  This place was

Baby T and Daddy checking out the "Bugs"

Checking out the “Bugs”

amazing–I am talking “A–there are so many butterflies I feel like they are dive bombing me and landing all over me–MAZING!”.  They had an entire section of critters behind glass, including a few species of butterflies, other rather yucko bugs (Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches, anyone?) and tons of frogs and geckos.  Then, you entered into the greenhouse style gorgeous conservatory. The Butterfly Conservatory was small but beautiful.  Even with a large volume of visitors,  it at no time felt cramped.  There were plenty of open benches–and if you sat quietly enough and were patient the butterflies woud just come to you!

Baby T showing Nana the "bugs"

Showing Nana the “bugs”

The "Bugs" loved Nana!

The “Bugs” loved Nana!

Papa was brave enough!

Papa was brave enough!

Baby T wanted No Part of that big “Bug”

Papa pointing out some butterflies to Baby T!

Papa pointing out some butterflies to Baby T!

Normally, something like this would be hard for Baby T to focus on BUT there were so many butterflies that we could easily point them out perched on bushes at eye-level (while holding him) and he could easily spot them flying above him.

The variety of butterflies was astounding but they also had tortoises, baby birds, parrots, a giant Walking Stick you could hold if you dared, and lizards in the conservatory.

We absolutely LOVED this place!

For more info, hours and pricing check out www.magicwings.com

FYI: Strollers are NOT allowed inside the enclosure so if you have a non-walking baby, plan to bring a baby carrier or plan to park it (your butt) on one of the many benches! 

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