Tot School: Construction

So last week’s sensory bin with the colored pasta went well–aside from the fact that I had shards of crunched up dry pasta all over my house–for the entire week.  LOL.  Baby T was really interested in touching and moving the pasta, so I figured we’d try another  bin with fun things to scoop, stir and feel: beans.  The fact that the sensory bin was the big take-away last week drove this week’s theme. We bought a couple of tiny little dump trucks and some type of “bulldozer” toy last week at Savers so this seemed like a great start!  Plus, we had a book or two about construction/trucks laying around.  So there you have it.  The complex way that I came up with this Tot School theme.

Construction Bin

Construction Sensory Bin

Note: Even on a blanket, it is not recommended that you play with beans with a 15-month-old inside. Just saying.  Especially, black beans, if you are afraid of bugs (they don’t attract bugs they just look like them).  It has been a trying week. The first thing Baby T wanted to do was flail his hands around in the bin and send the beans flying EVERYWHERE.  Making me think it was a huge mistake not purchasing a new deeper bucket (Daddy accidentally knocked over the one from last week and cracked it down the side–whaddaya want for a dollar!).  He liked picking up fist-fulls of beans and dropping them and waving his hands when some were left stuck to his fingers.  He also thought it was a great idea to stick his bare feet in the tray LOL.  This also kind of freaked him out.

Flinging the Beans!

Flinging the Beans!

This is a good OUTDOOR BIN!

This is a good OUTDOOR BIN!

After this first attempt inside, we played with the bean tray exclusively outdoors–the clean up was much, much, much easier. The rest of Baby T’s interactions with the Construction Sensory Bin were similar in nature.  Lots of feeling, touching and moving of the beans.  I would fill the dump truck, he would pick the beans out one by one and put them on the blanket, he would scoop out beans and pile them on the blanket or into the dump truck (this step required a lot of prompting). I did try and get him to sort the beans but he wasn’t having it.  He did drive his trucks through the beans once or twice, but they were mostly an afterthought.

Children's Museum

Children’s Museum

We also visited the Children’s Museum and I was shocked that he wanted to play with the trucks! So it was an unplanned connection to Tot School! What stumped me this week was that he was not really interested in reading the new books we found to go with this week’s theme–but that’s okay–perhaps he’s just a creature of habit with his books!

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