It’s the Little Moments Even on a “No Good, Very Bad Day”

Most days I feel like a decent mom, today was not one of those days.

So Baby T has been running me ragged these last few days and today, I was seemingly at my breaking point.  The shrieking began at an ungodly hour (at least for this mama)–as Baby T decided to wake up about 2.5 hours earlier than normal–followed by complete grouchy-ness.  I’ll spare you the details.

Some days, like today, I just don’t feel like I was cut out for this mom thing.  My patience wears thin by 11am and I have to throw him (not literally) in his crib just to collect my thoughts so I won’t crawl under my covers and hide from my toddler until he’s going to college. Continue reading

Finding Greatness in Your Partner: A Father’s Day Post

So I’ve been out of touch lately, partly because I’ve been lacking inspiration but mostly because I’ve been lacking energy.  About a week ago, I realized that I haven’t been sleeping well (ie: laying awake for hours while sleep alluded me), was lashing out at my poor patient as-ever husband and feeling like I had “lazy-disease”.  With an annual physical looming I tried to remember how long it had been like this–what scared me the most was that I couldn’t remember.  I couldn’t pin-point how long the insomnia (if you could call it that) had been occurring and I couldn’t pin-point a cause.  It wasn’t the baby, it wasn’t really stress (although I’ve had better days) and I was fairly certain it wasn’t depression (but I’m no expert.)  The best way I could classify this feeling was “lazy-disease”—I get up and shower everyday, make myself presentable, join the land of the living via play dates and errands, and keep my child happy and alive—but that was about it.  After Web-MD’ing some of these symptoms, I was, of course, convinced that death was immanent. Continue reading

Being Beautiful for My Son

As you may know, even prior to Baby T I struggled with my weight–and while I am working on it, I have to continuously remind myself to watch what I say about myself because this kid is A SPONGE.  I constantly catch myself walking by a mirror and making a face, or remarking to my husband about how fat I look and it’s GOT TO STOP.  I need to remember that Baby T is soaking it all up.  Here’s the problem.  If I don’t start to change the way I view myself, my son may start to believe that beauty and weight go hand-in-hand along with weight and self-worth: and that is simply not true. Continue reading

Update: How I’ve Been Rockin’ the “New Kid” Thing

So as you may know, being the “new kid” in town has been a little tougher than I originally anticipated but I’ve been making some headway!  The great news is I followed my own advice (after laying out a comprehensive plan for myself in a blog post) and we’re doing AMAZING!  For those of you who are curious–this is what we’ve been up to. Continue reading