Update: How I’ve Been Rockin’ the “New Kid” Thing

So as you may know, being the “new kid” in town has been a little tougher than I originally anticipated but I’ve been making some headway!  The great news is I followed my own advice (after laying out a comprehensive plan for myself in a blog post) and we’re doing AMAZING!  For those of you who are curious–this is what we’ve been up to.

So last time I wrote about this I had gotten the number of a fellow mom and was planning on making a play date with her and her kiddos.  Luckily, she’s awesome and Baby T is obsessed with her boys!  So Mission accomplished.  We have had a couple great play dates at a local park–and actually met ANOTHER mom there.  I even asked this other mom for her number (despite the fact that I might have sounded like a total weirdo) and even texted her to invite her back for a play date (and she was receptive!)–WHAT WHAT? I feel like I don’t even know who I am anymore?

Then, feeling like a BOSS, I strategically positioned myself on my front lawn with Baby T while my neighbors with two young boys were outside–these are the neighbors that I had only exchanged obligatory pleasantries with (even after living here for 6 months–and we are in a duplex–so honestly, I should have tried harder).  And ya know what–it worked–they took the bait!  We exchanged the obligatory “hellos” and then her youngest was playing shy and coy with Baby T–so we had a short and sweet conversation–and then my wingman (Baby T) decided that it needed to go another step further.  He wandered over to their driveway and engaged her two boys.  Thus, I HAD to follow and was able to have a bit of a longer conversation with their mom.  Now, in hindsight, this may have been awkward for the other mom but whatever–remember what I said–kids are the BEST icebreakers!  Turns out we have a lot in common–and she was very friendly–and I got to meet her husband too!  Clearly, I just need to keep putting ourselves out there!

On top of this encounter, another neighbor across the street came over and introduced himself.  He was very nice and even recommended a few restaurants in town.  Obviously being out in the front yard is where it’s at!

I was doing GREAT at being the new kid and then had a bit of a setback.  At the Moms Night Out I arrived to find NO ONE from my group at the function (my new mom friend was running a bit late and I kind of panicked)–so after standing around awkwardly for a few minutes (and sending my friend a “hurry up” text) some other moms engaged me and helped me feel a little less off-kilter, and then I introduced myself to a table of self-named misfits and we had a very nice night!  Then, my new friend and I even took a late night shopping trip!

The last few weeks have been pretty wonderful and we’ve been making friends one mom at a time!  I know I am being a great example to Tristan and helping expose him to new friends–so it’s a win-win.  Certainly my experience at Moms Night proved that it’s ALWAYS a work-in-progress, though.  So anyone who’s still feeling like a fish out of water in a new place–keep on keepin’ on–you’ll get there–and remember most of the “worrying about coming off as a weirdo”–is in your head!

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1 thought on “Update: How I’ve Been Rockin’ the “New Kid” Thing

  1. ….Amazing, isn’t it? Glad to hear your neighbors are finding out you and Baby T are so great to know! Enjoy!

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