It’s the Little Moments Even on a “No Good, Very Bad Day”

Most days I feel like a decent mom, today was not one of those days.

So Baby T has been running me ragged these last few days and today, I was seemingly at my breaking point.  The shrieking began at an ungodly hour (at least for this mama)–as Baby T decided to wake up about 2.5 hours earlier than normal–followed by complete grouchy-ness.  I’ll spare you the details.

Some days, like today, I just don’t feel like I was cut out for this mom thing.  My patience wears thin by 11am and I have to throw him (not literally) in his crib just to collect my thoughts so I won’t crawl under my covers and hide from my toddler until he’s going to college. After putting him down for an early nap (to save my sanity)–he slept for a solid hour and half and then woke up babbling with an intermittent whine every now and then–and I  LET HIM stay there and whine (mom of the year right here) and I got the extra 20 minutes of relaxing that was necessary to keep my composure while wrestling him during his post-nap diaper change and tackling lunch in the new booster seat.

During this too short but none-the-less glorious “nap time”, I came to the conclusion that I had to turn today around.  He was in a mood.  I was in a mood.  And ya know what? It happens.  We’re together 365–some days are just going to be this way.  I acknowledged it, gave myself permission to feel that way, and decided on a plan of action.  

So after a lunch that included a lot more “your feet don’t belong on the table” than real eating–I reminded myself that he is just a baby.  This is just one day and it doesn’t have to be defined by grumpy-ness.  

I found him pulling down the baby gate so that he could get to God knows what in my bedroom–and decided this was it–the moment to turn it all around–roared, chased him, and tickled him on the bed.  Then, we made our way out to the living room to dance, played with his new race track toy–and after a twenty minute burst of positive energy and mama love–we both had a bit of an attitude adjustment that ended with snuggling! 

Just a mindset change on my part changed the rest of our afternoon.  Sometimes I have to check myself before I wreck myself by getting too frustrated with this tiny human.  I have to remind myself how important it is to have little moments with him–because he won’t be this small forever. 

Courtesy of the Moms Only FB Group

Courtesy of the Moms Only FB Group

So when you’re feeling frustrated, tired and annoyed by your little one–remember you’re not alone, take a deep breath and try and find at least ONE MOMENT to just enjoy each other.  

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