Mompson’s Take-Away from the Crash of Flight 214

First off, let me say how saddened I am by the news of the crash of Asiana Flight 214.  I have been praying for the families of all that were and continue to be effected by this crash.  I was devastated to learn that the two reported fatalities were teenage girls headed to camp.  My heart is breaking for their families.  I always try to take something away from tragic events like this (and not necessarily things rooted in fear, ie. never traveling by plane again)–it helps me process things.

So here’s what I know-the flight was a routine flight from South Korea flying into San Francisco-no issues were reported indicating that there was any type of engine failure and the crash was seemingly UNEXPECTED–the survivors note that they were issued NO WARNING before crash-the plane crashed, the tail broke off, the plane spun and was ignited in flames

When I had heard about the crash, the fatalities had yet to be reported.  My first thoughts aside from being horrified was this is why Baby T will be in a car seat when we fly.  

We’ve been toying around with the idea of taking a vacation to visit family out-of-state but have decided to wait since the cost for us to fly would be too much of a burden.  Many people we know have urged us to fly soon–before Baby T reaches the age of 2–and will no longer be deemed a lap baby.

I am no self-proclaimed car seat guru (in fact, I have my own car seat guru that I refer to for all things car seat) however, I do know that Baby T will travel in a car seat on a plane because (aside from being less of a hassle during the flight for me) it’s safer.

He will never fly as a lap baby and here’s why: If you cannot leave your backpack on your lap during take-off or landing–why on EARTH would they allow you to hold a child in your lap?  Their reasoning for stowing your goods is so that they do not become a projectile in case of turbulence.  Who’s to say your child would not become a projectile?  I know some folks argue that if you are in a plane crash, you will most likely perish and a car seat will do little to protect your child, HOWEVER, most  “crashes” do not occur in the way one would initially think–as in falling from the sky to imminent doom.  Most “crashes” occur on the runway.  While some of these incidences do not result in “life-threatening injuries” (thank God) you do hear about people being thrown forward and out of their seat.  Having Baby T strapped into a car seat could help avoid many of these “minor” adult injuries that could be “major” toddler injuries. 

I read an article this evening discussing the survivor injuries that said “Doctors believe the moment of impact threw passengers forward then their seatbelts snapped them back, which caused some of the most severe injuries: abdominal bleeding, spinal fractures and paralysis in at least two patients.”  What type of damage would have occurred had the passengers been unrestrained toddlers–or toddlers restrained in the regular plane seatbelt.  Yes, I know the plane was on fire–Yes, I know some people were thrown from the plane–Yes, I know debris came crashing at some of the passengers but this is the perfect example (probably not the best word choice)  of a “survivable” but bad crash–so what can we learn from this?  

I’m sure this will bunch up some mamas panties–so tell me–what are you thoughts on car seats and air travel?

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