Identity Crisis: Part Two

So there’s been a lot going on in my world and none of it seems to be happening to me (WAHHH). ┬áSo I last night I found myself having a bit of a Mom Crisis/Breakdown. Everyone I know is having babies (and let me tell you, I can’t get too close because I know for a fact that that Baby Fever is catchy), my friends are buying and selling their homes, my teacher friends are enjoying their last few weeks of summer vacation as they embark on a new school year, Andrew just started a new job, AND the teaching job that I loved (pre-Baby T) and was “the job” just posted.

I am jealous of a lot of the great things my friends are experiencing (I’ll own that) and feel really strange about “the job” posting. I can’t really qualify it as anything other than strange because I know it is totally unfeasible (financially) to even consider applying/accepting this job (yeah, I know, in my mind I am a rock star and this position is locked down before I even click send on the application).

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