Tristan’s Great Summer Adventure

This year we vowed to do things we’ve never tried before (kids included).  So Andrew and I traveled to Alaska on a Cruise (sans kids) and we opted to let the kids each choose their own summer adventures.  Kinleigh tried a Ballet class (with a little coaxing from mom, hey, she’s 3) and Tristan chose a week long intensive Sailing Summer Camp–yep, you read that right, my 5 year old chose SAILING CAMP.

Living in the Ocean State we are big fans of the beach, however, when it comes to sailing, boats and all other things nautical are things I choose to leave to the experts.  The Block Island Ferry is truly my speed in terms of “small watercraft”, so I knew I would have to outsource this newfound interest.  As a homeschooling family, hands on experiences are sort of our bag, but I wasn’t even sure where to start with sailboats.

Luckily, I stumbled upon Learn to Sail RI through a friend whose daughter had a great experience there during the 1st Session and it came highly recommended.  We signed Tristan up for the 3rd Session.  Each camp session runs for two weeks, Monday through Thursday 9am-4pm.  I loved that the course involved both dry land training and an actual sailing experience with the instructors.  Not only were they college recruits from local sailing teams but also CPR and First Aid certified.  Another huge plus, I only had to pop down to Bristol!

Each day, Tristan came home from camp thrilled to share the new experience with the rest of the family!  Our house was filled with excited chatter about all things sailing!  Tristan enjoyed the camp so much that he asked to return again in a few weeks (their earliest opening) to take the next level course.

We are so thankful to have found Learn to Sail RI–they’ve allowed my son to expand his interest that would have starved otherwise–and introduced a new dynamic to our summer plans!