Placenta Encapsulation

Why yes, I am consuming an organ that I delivered out of my lady parts. YUM.

Placenta ready to be sliced up!

Placenta, membranes and umbillical cord

A lot of people have asked me to blog about this process–so per request–here’s our experience with placenta encapsulation.

This time around I was extremely interested in the potential benefits of placenta encapsulation which include assisting in the rebalancing of hormones, fighting post-partum depression, replenishing depleted iron levels, reducing

Traditional portion steaming away

Traditional Steaming

bleeding, increasing milk production, increasing energy levels and aiding in the shrinking of the uterus.

So I set out to find a doula who was willing to complete the process in my home shortly after birth (yes, my home–I really wanted to get the full experience! Plus, something about them taking it away to do at their home mixed with my fear of hoarders made is necessary for it to be done in front of me–I have my limits!)  and found Lia Reilly of Mother Wisdom.  Lia came to my home with her own supplies and all I needed to provide was the placenta and a little bit of space.  Side note: My kitchen had no mess and I watched her use a gazillion pairs of

Slicing the steamed

Slicing the steamed

gloves to maintain sterility and avoid cross-contamination.  And Lia was awesome with educating me on the process and talking me through each step since I was basically breathing down her neck the entire time knowing that people would just be dying to know the ins and outs of the process! Continue reading

The Water Birth of Baby T #2

So we’ve known we were expecting a girl from the get-go. Nothing about this pregnancy has been textbook “easy”. From the ridiculously laughable amount of morning sickness–to the strange and potentially borderline “risk out of the birth center” test results, she’s been trouble. When we announced our pregnancy back in October and our due date of May 26–we were immediately informed that the only day she could NOT make her grand debut would be May 17 as my sister would be graduating from college on that day. I laughed it off but told people to expect her that day just because she’s thrown us nothing but curve balls–and sure enough that is the day she chose to make her appearance! Continue reading

The Scotts: The Challenge in a Shameless Promotion

The Hartzel-Russell Family

The Hartzel-Russell Family

So my friend, Jordan, asked me this week if I’d be willing to plug his fundraiser for the pilot of the reality docu-series The Scotts.  In short, the show is about two boisterous gay dads (Scott Hartzel & Scott Russell) raising their family while starting a horse boarding business in the middle of nowhere.  He’s had a few meetings with some well-known studios and the promotional footage and trailer have been met with warmth and intrigue—and now that he’s got some traction, the next logical step to help market the show to producers and networks is to film a presentation pilot!  I obviously agreed, not just because he was my friend but because I truly believe in the project!  Obviously, I wish my friend great success but that wasn’t really the reason.  So what does this have to do with Mompson?  I felt that I owed it you and him to not just shamelessly plug it and drop it like a bad habit.  There had to be something deeper to accompany it.  Since I don’t just support any old cause, I figured I should start by examining why it was so important to me that this show get made. Continue reading

Rave: Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory

This was taken with an iPhone, clearly they weren't shy!

This was taken with an iPhone, clearly they weren’t shy!

If Mom and Dad are making the trip with Baby to the Yankee Candle Flagship Store in South Deerfield, MA…YOU MUST STOP AT MAGIC WINGS!  It’s literally two miles further down the road!

(Yankee is also great for older kids–Santa is there EVERY DAY–there are candle dipping/making activities, an animatronic band in the food court (which creeped me out but amused Baby T))

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I ROCKED at Being the “New Kid”

Well a big shout out to the blog followers!  In admitting I needed to work harder at being the “New Kid”–I devised a plan and actually DID IT.  So thank you!

My morning started off a little rough, I drove all the way to the Moms’ Group meeting place just to discover NO ONE WAS THERE.  Now, last week someone had mentioned an email going out changing our meeting place to a local park because the weather was amazing–I didn’t receive it–it didn’t matter because Baby T wasn’t feeling good so no harm, no foul. Realizing I never received said email I checked to make sure the group leader had my correct email–she did.  So feeling vulnerable (since being the “new kid” is already hard enough) I went a little overboard when I realized I had not received an email, so OBVIOUSLY they were excluding me (what can I say–I’m a bit of a drama queen).  I marched out of the meeting space, stomped back to my car and gave myself a few minutes to fume.  If you’re a mom you know what a pain it is to wrangle a child into their car seat and out again, only to realize you have to do it again only five minutes later–compound that with feeling left out and I was pissed.

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