My Walk of Shame Back to Weight Watchers

So I’ve been on a hiatus of sorts from staying “on-plan” in terms of Weight Watchers.  Summertime is the season that I slip up the most due to family excursions, busy days and busier weekends, oh and ice cream.  So last week I decided it was time to drag myself back to the scale–not the bathroom scale–the Weight Watchers scale to see how much trouble I’ve actually gotten myself into.  Assuming the worst and thinking that they were going to pry my 25 lbs weight loss key chain from my extra chubby fingers, I did the walk of shame back to the scale. Continue reading

Being Beautiful for My Son

As you may know, even prior to Baby T I struggled with my weight–and while I am working on it, I have to continuously remind myself to watch what I say about myself because this kid is A SPONGE.  I constantly catch myself walking by a mirror and making a face, or remarking to my husband about how fat I look and it’s GOT TO STOP.  I need to remember that Baby T is soaking it all up.  Here’s the problem.  If I don’t start to change the way I view myself, my son may start to believe that beauty and weight go hand-in-hand along with weight and self-worth: and that is simply not true. Continue reading

What Do You Mean You Didn’t Lose Weight BreastFeeding?

Seriously? Of course, I should have TOTALLY assumed that my struggle with weight would continue during breastfeeding despite being told over and over again that the weight just FALLS RIGHT OFF.  (Note: I did lose about half of the baby weight in the first month just by stuffing my face and nursing Baby T. However, I still had about 25 lbs to go before I reached anywhere close to pre-pregnancy weight. Continue reading