Update: How I’ve Been Rockin’ the “New Kid” Thing

So as you may know, being the “new kid” in town has been a little tougher than I originally anticipated but I’ve been making some headway!  The great news is I followed my own advice (after laying out a comprehensive plan for myself in a blog post) and we’re doing AMAZING!  For those of you who are curious–this is what we’ve been up to. Continue reading


I ROCKED at Being the “New Kid”

Well a big shout out to the blog followers!  In admitting I needed to work harder at being the “New Kid”–I devised a plan and actually DID IT.  So thank you!

My morning started off a little rough, I drove all the way to the Moms’ Group meeting place just to discover NO ONE WAS THERE.  Now, last week someone had mentioned an email going out changing our meeting place to a local park because the weather was amazing–I didn’t receive it–it didn’t matter because Baby T wasn’t feeling good so no harm, no foul. Realizing I never received said email I checked to make sure the group leader had my correct email–she did.  So feeling vulnerable (since being the “new kid” is already hard enough) I went a little overboard when I realized I had not received an email, so OBVIOUSLY they were excluding me (what can I say–I’m a bit of a drama queen).  I marched out of the meeting space, stomped back to my car and gave myself a few minutes to fume.  If you’re a mom you know what a pain it is to wrangle a child into their car seat and out again, only to realize you have to do it again only five minutes later–compound that with feeling left out and I was pissed.

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I Need to Try Harder at Being the “New Kid”

In January we moved about 45 minutes away from all of our family and friends.  At first, there was plenty to do around the house and we had plenty of house guests who wanted to come check out our new place.  In February, though, the hubbub died down and it became extremely lonely.  Having previously re-located halfway across the country (which is crazy far for a RI’er who has to back an overnight back to go to the other corner of the smallest state in the US), I had experienced that loneliness before.  I felt a little relief when I began working but even then, I worked 45 minutes from where we lived which was quite the drive for me (again it’s a RI thing) and or them so socializing after work didn’t come easy.  I knew this time something had to be different.  Yes, I’d see my old friends but it wouldn’t be the same.  We’d have to get settled in and get right to work at fitting in in our new town (SIGH).  This is a tough concept for me because I am an observer at heart, I really like to get a good lay of the land before I insert myself into social circles.

I was disappointed when we moved in to find that in the middle of winter people don’t come right on over and welcome you to the neighborhood with a tray of brownies.  It was about two weeks before our first neighbor even acknowledged us and even then it was awkward at best—and still 6 months later we wave and say “hi” but I don’t know anything about them. Continue reading