Being Beautiful for My Son

As you may know, even prior to Baby T I struggled with my weight–and while I am working on it, I have to continuously remind myself to watch what I say about myself because this kid is A SPONGE.  I constantly catch myself walking by a mirror and making a face, or remarking to my husband about how fat I look and it’s GOT TO STOP.  I need to remember that Baby T is soaking it all up.  Here’s the problem.  If I don’t start to change the way I view myself, my son may start to believe that beauty and weight go hand-in-hand along with weight and self-worth: and that is simply not true. Continue reading


Abercrombie & B*tch

So let’s talk about Mark Jeffries, CEO of Abercrombie and Fitch and his “controversial” statements.  Check out the link to Elite Daily if you need the back story.

As someone who’s been bigger than her peers her whole life—I have to say kudos to Abercrombie CEO Mark Jeffries for finally admitting what I feel like I’ve known all along.  (Note: That’s not to say this guy is not a total jerk because he is–how dare correlate how “cool” or “beautiful” someone is with their clothing size–but this is the world we live in.)

Let’s tackle the hardest part of this for me first: No teenager should ever be pressured to shop in a store that calls their sales associates “models” surrounded by billboard sized ads of topless models laying on each other to show off the…jeans?  Seriously?  The brand is marketed at college kids but worn by tweens for God’s sake—and all I have to say is WTF? What parent said “Yes, this is acceptable.  Please let me bring my 13 year old in here to buy your overpriced polos and stanky overbearing cologne”.

Now back to the issue of Jeffries truthful and hurtful statement (please note his words are only hurtful if you give them power).  Continue reading