What is a Mompson?

The answer is simple.  Mompson is me.

I am an “on-hiatus” secondary English teacher who surprisingly adores being a stay-at-home mom.  Until the day Baby T was born I was adamant that I would return to work because being a “stay-at-home-Mom” was NOT for me.  15 Months later it pains me to entertain the idea of returning to work because I LOVE being home with him every day!  That’s not to say that some days aren’t trying—just ask my husband—some days the only thing I can say I actually did was keep Baby T alive as the rest of my house looks like a war-zone and dinner isn’t even on the radar.  (Shout out to the working mamas—I salute you!)
As most women can attest, becoming a mom changed me in more ways than I can count.  I do things I never imagined I would do—scoop dog poop out of a tiny mouth with my bare hands (TRUTH)—breastfeed in semi-public (NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS)—and the most shocking revelation of all: surrender control and just go with the flow (GASP).
I mean for God’s sake, my kid wears an amber teething necklace, I comment on how kids in car commercials are incorrectly strapped in to their car seats, and I made baby food and wipes by choice so I would know exactly what was in them.  This was not who I imagined myself to be.  And it’s beautiful and amazing and kind of EPIC.
Aside from my mommy duties, I love to bake and cook—but hate the clean up—which is made exponentially worse by the fact that my kitchen has about one foot of available, usable counter space (TERRIBLE), I like to think that I am a bit crafty but only if it involves absolutely NO SEWING, and I am “Working on my Fitness” and eating habits after resuming Weight Watchers after Baby T’s birth.
Although, I know the world needs just one more Mommy Blog, this one isn’t going to be exclusively about Baby T.  Fortunately, the rest of my life revolves around him so I can claim a little bit of this blog for myself—my non-“only-focused on my kid” self.
In my professional life I have always been Mrs. Thompson. Now I am known by one name: Mom.  I hope Mompson will be able to convey the “one-ness” of these two identities—since that is who I am after-all.  This isn’t an Educational Blog, Cooking Blog or Crafting Blog—this is a Personal Blog of all things Mompson.  Enjoy!